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White House and congressional leaders may begin work on a second stimulus package in the coming weeks.
Angela Lang/CNET

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If you listen to the president, a second stimulus package this summer is all but guaranteed. Responding to a reporter's question on Monday about whether Washington will send a second round of stimulus checks, President Donald Trump said, "We are. We are."

"It will be very good. It will be very generous," the president added, "It's going to be over the next couple of weeks, probably."

The president made a similar prediction last week when a journalist asked whether Americans should expect another stimulus check this summer. "I think we're working on something that's going to be very dramatic, very good," the president said. White House aides are hearing the same support for a second round of payments from Trump the Washington Post reported.

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What exactly "generous" and "dramatic" mean in monetary terms and when the IRS would actually send the checks are questions still largely unanswered. There's also been talk of a $4,000 travel credit that's piqued some interest. Read on for what we know today and what it will take to get more stimulus money in your pocket. Here are the different government proposals we've heard so far. 

This story updates frequently with new information and is intended to provide an overview of the situation. If you're still waiting on the first round, you can track the status of your stimulus check, see some possible reasons why you don't have a check yet and learn how to report a missing stimulus check to the IRS.

Congress is expected to start work soon on a new coronavirus stimulus bill that may put another $1,200 in your wallet.
Angela Lang/CNET

Stimulus check timeline: When exactly to expect a decision

Congress hasn't set a date for a vote on a second stimulus package, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he hasn't wavered from his July projection. 

"If there's another [stimulus package], it will come together in July," McConnell said Friday. "We need to take a look at how the economy is coming back and decide whether or not we're going to do one last rescue package. And I predicted we'd make that decision in July and I'll continue to say that today." 

The second relief package could very well be the last, he has previously said.

The Senate calendar includes a scheduled two-week recess, from July 3 until July 17, CBS News reported. White House officials also anticipate that the executive branch will work on its own proposal through July, The Wall Street Journal reported in early June. 

Before White House and Republican leaders begin negotiating the details of a new stimulus proposal, they want to evaluate how much money allocated to the first stimulus checks and other aid for http://faq.iprakom.id/index.php/8590/ticket-rot-for-fruit-stranded-without-flights-afghanistan businesses has actually been spent, CNBC reported.

When the Senate, House and White House negotiators do begin negotiations, they'll be under pressure to reach a deal quickly, as the enhanced unemployment allowances for an additional $600 per month are set to expire July 31. 

Do we still need a second stimulus check?

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